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zindohub is designed with YOU in mind — the entrepreneur, the small business owner, the writer or artist. 

Grow your business faster

Designing and building websites has never been easier than now! zindohub offers an easy way to create professional-quality sites for any need – whether you’re running a small business looking to increase exposure online or launching that big project on Kickstarter!


At zindohub, we want to provide you with all the resources you need to meet your customers where they are. That is why when you build a website with zindohub, you have all the power.

You determine what your website looks like, who your target audience is, and what your call to action is. We set no limits to what you can create and achieve; we simply offer you the platform to do so.

Your Best Version

Pick a template, customize anything that pops into mind.

Optimize Your Site for Mobile

Create a great mobile experience for your audience.

Add More Features

Start your own blog or online store, in just a few clicks.

SEO is a must For Your Site

Get your site ranking so you get found in search.
There's a Theme or a Plugin For That

The Best Way to Build Your business is With Our Complete Set of Tools

Around-the-clock support

We get that designing a website can be a daunting task, especially if you have never designed one before.

Fortunately, zindohub will not only provide you with the tools you need to create a stunning website, but we will also provide around-the-clock support for any problems or concerns you may run into.

At zindohub, it is always a pleasure to help you.


zindohub is a part of zindo+co marketplace that inspires, educates and grows entrepreneurs.

How to Start With zindohub


Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that works for you based on your business goals.


Select Your SubDomain

Once your select your sub-domain, you can start creating your website.


Select Your Theme

Selecting a design is super easy with our themes from WordPress.


Customize Your Website

Now that you’ve selected your theme, it’s time to add those elements that make the site yours. Be creative!

Choose your plan!

The good news is that you can choose the plan that best suits your needs! After all, we know how important it is that your website contains all of its essential parts. zindohub offers four different plans. Below is a breakdown of what each plan entails.


Yes, you can build your website with zindohub without paying a single thing! Here are the features that you can expect to enjoy with our basic free plan:


That's right, we will host your website for free!


Enjoy up to 4 GB of storage on us!

Dozens of Themes

Customize your website to be your very own -- choose from one of our many different themes.

Pre-Installed SSL Certificate

Rest assured that your website is running securely at all times.

Essential WordPress Plugin's

At zindohub, we understand the important of a website whose features are fully functional. That is why we ensure that all essential WordPress plugins are ready to go from the start.

Unlimited Unsplash Images

The best chosen images tell the best stories. Choose from thousands of vibrant images straight from your dashboard.

Online WordPress Training Videos

Getting the hang of WordPress takes time. Fortunately, building a website with us grants you guaranteed access to our library of valuable WordPress training tools and videos.

Looking for a little more?

Our Essential Plan is a step-up from our default Free Plan. The Essential Plan includes all features included with the Free option, along with the following basic features:

Fully Customized

Share your brand with the world. Remove branding.

Even More Themes

More themes to choose from. Premium themes give you the chance to make your website truly one of a kind.


Our Essential Plan comes with up to 11 GB of storage.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Unlock even more features with a suite of exclusive WordPress Plugins.

Templates for Any Kind of Business

Get your site up quickly. We have templates for any niche, industry or need.  

Great for any website

Launch a digital magazine

Share your passion for cooking

Finally launch your blog

Showcase your Photography

Use their ready-made layouts

The WordPress Ecosystem

zindohub is your one-stop shop for creating, hosting and maintaining all of your content online.

We offer a single subscription that includes the full package: web design templates, website hosting service with custom domain name registration tools to get started quickly.

Build any site from scratch or customize an existing template using their intuitive interface–you can even use zindohub’s eCommerce platform if you need it!

Professional Plan

Our Professional Plan is perfect for the business owner who is serious about building a meaningful brand. The Professional Plan includes everything offered in the Essential Plan, as well as the following features:


The Professional Plan will bump you up to 200 GB of storage.

Free Domain

With our Pro Plan, your custom domain name is on us for the first year.*

A More Robust Ecosystem

In addition to the extra themes offered in the Essential package, the Professional Plan offers you some priceless tools to ensure that your website’s data are always where they need to be.

Take Your Community to a Whole New Level

One thing that truly makes our Plans stand out is our extensive offering of resources to help you better reach your customers. These resources include:




Themes & Addons

eCommerce Plan

The eCommerce Plan is perfect for business owners with dreams of accomplishing major online sales. zindohub’s eCommerce Plan not only includes all the features listed in the Essential and Professional Plans, but also a range of exclusive tools for a successful eCommerce store. These features include:


The Professional Plan will bump you up to 200 GB of storage.

Popup Builder

This special WordPress plugin allows you to create eye-catching popups that draw in customers right from the start.

A More Robust Ecosystem

Our eCommerce plans offer selected award winning Premium WPMUDEV Plugins, saving you 100’s from having to purchase on your own.

Get Started For free

  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay Annually


  • Build your website with zindohub without paying a single thing!


  • Get access to a range of valuable marketing tools.


  • Perfect for the business owner who wants to build a meaningful brand.


  • Create your online store and get your product out to the world!

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