Phone Support

We offer 24/7 online support via email and in the Community. It’s free to set up an account to have access to our WordPress Community.

If you have an Essential Plan or higher, you can submit a support ticket from your Website Dashboard and someone from our Support Team will respond accordingly.

Currently, zindohub does not offer phone support because we take security seriously. We work hard to ensure account ownership through a valid email address associated with your zindohub account.

We serve people around the globe. Customer communication is preferred through email due to different time zones and languages.

Aside from this, the type of technical support we offer usually involves exchanging how-to links, replicating issues, investigating the issue cause, and working on fixes. This means it may take several hours or days for an issue to be resolved depending on its complexity. If we have a simple solution we will be sure to send that asap to keep you moving. For possibly a quicker response, you can log into zindolabs and view all of our support content for WordPress and ask your questions in our Tech Community.

To contact support, you can email us or by submitting a question inside of the zindolabs community in the All About WordPress Community.

Warning: If you find a zindohub phone support number anywhere online, please be reminded it is not affiliated with us. Be careful to avoid scams or other attempts to capture your account data.